Never too late

17 07 2011

Another image from last week that didn’t fit into a particular category – a “just because” photo. Maybe that can be a new category. 🙂

Right before I first found Indy last week, I was sitting in my Jeep on the road watching a few bands – Cinch’s, Spook and Bruiser, Luna’s and Grey/Traveler’s. When I heard noises up the hill above the Jeep, I went to investigate and saw not only Hook’s band but Seven’s as well. Wildcat Spring is down on the other side of that hill, and the horses had likely been there drinking while I sat unaware on the road.

Another lesson – just because you can’t *see* horses doesn’t mean they’re not there!



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17 07 2011

That’s the beauty of Nature. She offers up a lot that you can feel in your heart but many times never see.

17 07 2011
Linda Horn

Yep, in both nature and life, you never know what may be waiting over the next hill, so keep climbing!

We just had a few showers, and there are dark clouds moving from the SE to NW. Hopefully, a bit more water for the horses. Connie Mack and the San Juan County Fair are starting soon. They’re usually accompanied by a deluge most folks hate. I say bring it on, and send it to the Basin!

18 07 2011

I am glad I got to meet Indy … Life should be acknowledged as the precious thing it is, no matter how brief.

We had thunder … part of the highway between Durango and Mancos was wet last night. Thunderstorms in the forecast every day, but the rain seems to have a hard time making it to the ground – especially where it’s needed!

18 07 2011
Linda Horn

As we all should have learned in elementary school, evaporation and transpiration from vegetation are needed to complete the water cycle. I keep bringing that up at SJC water meetings (along with the increasing “urban heat island”), but nobody wants to listen. Just develop as fast as possible … local climate change be damned!

If I remember correctly, you talked with an old timer who said there used to be a lot more forage in the Basin. There should be some drought-tolerant, non-invasive grasses and plants that could be overseeded from the air, and would benefit all the residents of SCB.

The recommended time to overseed NM rangelands with is just before the monsoon season, and ranchers have been successfulIy doing it for years … without irrigation.

18 07 2011

We also have talked to BLM about seeding – starting before I was even involved – and haven’t gotten anywhere. It’s one of those things we keep bringing up … Maybe things will change with a new manager.

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