A daddy and his boy

16 07 2011

I tried to get a bunch of images posted before I went to the basin last week … Didn’t get through all of them, but I wanted to get this one out there, of Kreacher and his son, Apollo (Raven is his mama). They were trying to drink at the trickle, and Apollo thought it was great fun to go for daddy’s ears while his head was down. Kreacher, in turn, would pick his head up and mouth Apollo’s neck, dribbling water through his little mane. I could see how annoyed he was – and how thirsty – but he never lost his patience. He actually walked away at one point … followed by both Apollo and Raven … then went back. Mini-me stuck right to him. 🙂

He was awesome with Corona. He’s fantastic with Apollo. I can’t wait to see him with Kootenai’s – coming.

And with the rain last week, nobody at or near the trickle. I hope that lasts for a while.



One response

17 07 2011
Karen Keene Day

Oh my God! What a heartfilled beautiful image of Kreacher and his son Apollo. Thank you . Thank you TJ!!

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