The better news

15 07 2011

Before I found out about Indy, I found out the basin got a LOT of rain in the last week. I had heard it poured Sunday over Lone Cone, and Durango and my hometown of Mancos have been getting rain. I held off going out Wednesday … and I’m glad I did. There was evidence of rain – even some still-standing puddles.

But I didn’t realize quite how much we got! I was a little shocked to see the two “halves” of the trapsite pond with water … and the news got better from there. The Flat Top, east-pocket, roadside and northwest ponds also have water! They were completely dry. On the other hand, the roller-coaster ridge pond is completely dry (it had just a tiny puddle last week) and the double ponds are still dry. Round Top surprised me by being pretty shallow, and Sorrel Flats buoyed me by being less shallow than last week. Did you notice I mentioned the northwest pond has water? šŸ™‚ I drove up there for the first time this year to check it (it’s almost always dry, but what the heck, I thought) – and on the way was when I spied Hook’s band and came to the conclusion that Indy was not with them, nor Twister. I came up over the last hill … and voila! Hollywood’s and Comanche’s! And the pond – rippling with water. It’s shallow, and it never lasts long, but there’s actually grass up there, and the horses were going to town. Duke also visited late in the day.

After our mild winter, the monsoons have apparently come a little early – our Christmas in July. I know they can’t come soon enough or with enough moisture for those of us in the parched Southwest, but I’d say it’s a good start!

Eliana, up to her knees and hocks in the northwest pond – she sank a little in mud. šŸ™‚ Look at her little mane with the lighter line through it – reminds me of a fish’s fin! She waded way out almost to the middle, even after Briosa had had her fill and walked out to follow Mahogany. She kept reminding me of a moose calf, lifting her legs high, but I liked this image with the sparkle in her eye from the late afternoon sunshine.

She and Briosa are like sisters – they hang out together nearly constantly, and one mama is as good as their own mama, except when it comes to snack time. šŸ™‚



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15 07 2011
Linda Horn

BLESSED WATER!!! Speaking of moose, I just returned from Maine. I had hoped to see one from a safe distance, but no dice. Luckily no “close encounters” on the road. My sister has had several scary near-misses. Traffic stops both ways until the moose makes up its mind where it wants to go, which can take quite a while.

16 07 2011

It is, indeed, a wonderful sight to see these ponds rippling with water (no matter how shallow still) instead of laced with cracks. The horses can take awhile to make up their minds, too. I waited more than an hour while Seven’s were on the road. I was grateful they didn’t leave at the sight of the Jeep. Grey’s above me napping in the trees, Seven’s ahead of me, napping and grazing in the sunshine – I wasn’t unhappy. šŸ™‚

16 07 2011
Karen Keene Day

Hi TJ,
I was thrilled to see on the weather map that the horses area was getting a lot too. It’s a blessing and relief for them. Karen

16 07 2011

Absolutely! More in the forecast this week … all week!

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