Rounding out the split

2 05 2011

Bringing more details to the “As Spring Creek Basin Turns” opera, let’s recap the biggest “story line” lately.

Hollywood’s band once included Piedra, Baylee, Iya, her new colt, Sage and Tenaz. Then Comanche snapped up all but Piedra and her even newer filly, leaving them with down but not out Hollywood.

Then Comanche lost them – or let them go? – and he was back to normal with Kestrel and Winona.

But Baylee, Iya, the colt, Sage and Tenaz didn’t stay together – and why did they split and/or who stole whom?

Baylee (possibly Piedra’s sister … ever-so possibly … possibly not) and Tenaz (Piedra’s and Hollywood’s yearling son) are now with Storm.

This all happened within the last two weeks.

This, unfortunately, is the “best” image I have of Storm, Tenaz and Baylee all together. Baylee seems comfortable with Storm – as long as he keeps his distance. But the angle does show that, even with her being 4 years old now, I am not expecting a foal from this girl this year! Storm will be 3 in late July – his first band! I’m so proud (we’ll see how long he keeps them)! (Though Storm’s ears look a little back here, he’s just sniffing the youngster, who very soon after this wandered off with Baylee to graze together, while Storm stood and watched after them for a few moments, then wandered off in his own direction.)

Iya and her colt – Hollywood’s baby son – are now with Sage – Hollywood’s 2-year-old son – and those three are with … drum roll please ………..

Sage, colt and Iya at left … who’s that bay guy?

A better look … Does something tug at you, seeing that solid bay with a big-blaze grey?

And there’s the giveaway – Roach, Poco, Iya, baby and Sage.

Wow, huh? Roach in his customary lieutenant-stallion spot … Poco guarding the mare and foal … and Sage. He baby-clacked to Poco earlier, but given his repeated attempts to breed Iya the week before – and still with her and the baby – how easily will he give up his “role” in this little family? And how long will this association last? I like seeing Poco and Roach with company (and I like seeing Roach back with his buddy, Poco).

Sweet mama with her firstborn. I do have a name in mind for him … just holding it for a little bit longer …

To come: Pix of Hollywood, Piedra and Bri.



4 responses

2 05 2011
Pat Amthor

Ah, spring hormones must be causing the move of families. Good thing you are a good investigator!

2 05 2011
Linda Horn

Quite the dance going on out there! Will it end up a “dos-a-dos”, with everyone returning to their original partners? I’d love to understand why they make these choices. Maybe a combination of security and genetic distribution?

I don’t think Sage is tough enough to make Iya or any mare feel secure yet, but “the band of 5” seems pretty comfortable … for now. It’s good to see Poco an Roach together again, each in his strategic position.

As Pat says, Spring hormones are in play. There’ll be new babies for sure, but what additional surprises will be revealed? Thanks for being our guide to this wild horse soap opera!

3 05 2011

Pat – Yes, indeed … and a little bit of youthful wandering. 🙂

Linda – I agree that Sage isn’t quite old enough to “keep” Iya … and because of his young age, Poco and Roach may allow him to stay for a while. All unknown, which makes it so much fun to watch it play out!

3 05 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

What we know for sure is that *everything changes all the time* – what is seen one week does not necessarily mean that’s what you’ll see the next! All our notes over the past three years point out the *rearrangement* in the spring and then, there seems to be another one sometime over the winter months, prior to the *Spring Dance* – we’ll just have to see! 🙂

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