‘Lost’ boys

16 04 2011

They were never lost, of course – they knew exactly where they were – it just wasn’t where I was looking for them the last month. They have a certain home territory, but I couldn’t imagine they’d still be there after the pond dried up (dug out the year before last), so I was looking wide – from there outward. Naturally, I found them right there, within sight of the pond (if you know where to look), within a stone’s throw of the road. Doesn’t it always happen like that. 🙂

Roach, illuminated by the morning sunlight, looking across the wide arroyo and up the hill – likely at a deer, though I never saw it. I passed two deer on the other side of the hill on my way to where the boys were.

Roach and Poco

Feeling feisty.

These boys have been together at least seven years (the first time I saw them together  – the first time I saw them – was seven years ago). At that time, they were with Ceal (named much later) and her sorrel colt that inspired this gorgeous painting (on the horizontal scroll bar, the sixth – “Moments with Wild Horses XXIV”) by my friend Karen Keene Day. After the roundup, I found them and grey Bones – who WAS skin and bones, likely recovering from whatever incident broke her pelvis (none of the three were caught). She and her baby died in April 2009. Is it weird to say Poco (at least) still mourns her? His expression … I think he still does.

Making up. Poco is dominant (likely older – maybe much older), but Roach is “braver” in his role as lieutenant.



Typical pose – Roach always in front, sentry, protector.

Home below hills and under sky

“Found” boys – with gratitude. 🙂



3 responses

17 04 2011
Linda Horn

Handsome boys! I’d like either one (preferably BOTH!) if they’re removed for adoption. I’m like so many Mustang lovers – longing to adopt, but with no place to keep them. There must be a way to tap into this resource pool.

18 04 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Pals and family for seven years – Wow! I’ve always admired the way they’ve stuck with each other after the loss of Bones and have stayed basically in the same general area. Yeah, they do miss her, I’m sure of it…

Linda – We, like you, would take any 2 or 3 in a flash if we had the room. I’ve heard of folks “sharing” a horse; someone has the room; someone else helps with training; someone else helps with vet/feed bills and all get to share the horse(s) as if they were the sole owners. I wonder how that really works. I’ll look into it some more…

19 04 2011

I wish they all could stay … I wish they all could stay together. The relationships they share (and knowing about some of their past relationships) has had the biggest, most meaningful impacts on me. As important as I think knowing them is to humane, sustainable management of the mustangs and their ranges, knowledge of specific horses isn’t a requirement. They should be treated with dignity and respect PERIOD.

As older stallions, their adoption prospects – if they’re rounded up – are slim. I think someone could do quite a lot with Roach; Poco wants nothing to do with people. So much better for them to be together.

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