Some girls

20 02 2011

Can’t ignore the girls …

Iya will be 3 in late April, and I’m definitely expecting a baby out of that belly.

Iya and her best friend, Baylee. Bayles will be 4 … if she’s carrying a foal, she’s hiding it as well as Kestrel did last year.

Winona and mama Kestrel


Baby ‘Nona … growing up. I was looking at some older pix recently, and it’s amazing how much she looks like Kestrel when she was little. OK, probably not so amazing after all. 🙂




Ember. She wasn’t as interested in me as in continuing her nap in the sunshine.

Curious Sable


Iya and Baylee


Raven at sunset. Looks like she’s growing a baby, too.

More girls – and boys – coming!



6 responses

21 02 2011

Oh my! That’s some baby bumps there! Some of the pics make them look a little winter weary, but that’s to be expected, especially being pregnant.

21 02 2011

Ember and Kestrel – Ember most of all – looked fairly “winter weary,” indeed – probably very mud weary! Sisters, and both have a pretty laidback personality as it is. Kes gave me some “hellos,” but Ember was not interested or bothered by me in the slightest. Both are still allowing their foals to nurse. Not too surprising with Ember, who had Fierro in early July. Kestrel made some half-hearted attempts to deny Winona (born May 11) but then gave in.

21 02 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, have you estimated how many of the girls will be having little ones this Spring? Maybe “winter weary” isn’t so bad if it means “conserve energy”.

21 02 2011

Linda, we should have between 20-25 foals this year.

22 02 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

TJ – With the current population, isn’t that an AWFUL lot for that area’s resourcest??

23 02 2011

That’s how the herds grow – exponentially as young horses mature and enter the breeding pool. In the last few years, we’ve had foal crops of 6 (post-2007 roundup, I don’t know the original number – this is how many were left after the roundup, and I don’t know how many were removed), 6 (2008; 1 mortality), 11 (2009; 1 mortality), 11 (2010; 15 expected, 4 dead). I’m guessing that with more expected, the “law” of probabilities indicates we’ll have “more” mortalities, but that’s something I can’t estimate. This actually reminds me of a post I need to do … 🙂

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