Missing them

15 02 2011

Because of my meetings last week, I wasn’t able to get out to visit the horses, and I’ve been missing them. So I went back through photos from the last visit to pull out some more before I hopefully get back out tomorrow.

I see you, beautiful girl! I was sitting on the edge of a shallow arroyo across from where they were grazing.

Sister girls: Gemma, left, and Terra. Gemma will be a year old April 23, and Terra will be 2 on May 1.

Both girls (this is Terra) love their daddy, Grey/Traveler and can often be found grazing close to him. I don’t know where Terra gets her weird and wondrous blaze marking … I’ve always thought it looks like a swan.

Right at the edge of the little arroyo …

He doesn’t very often give me his full attention anymore – I have to be quick to catch it! So handsome and crazy-intelligent!

I especially love to sit with his band and soak up all his wisdom (and Houdini’s). Linda on Beautiful Mustang has been posting about natural horsemanship and observations of her herd, and passive leadership, which her horse Red exhibits. Grey definitely has that quality, and it showed with the big bands he had before the last two roundups. In fact, all the band stallions seem to have it … and I’ve wondered if that might be part of Mouse’s “problem” in getting a mare. He’s the highest ranking bachelor, but he’s a little gruff and grouchy (though he seems to be mellowing). Kreacher and Steeldust are two excellent examples of deferring to their girls, but when need be, they’re incredibly protective.

Can’t wait to see the horses again!



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15 02 2011

You know, Juanita–a fellow blogger–commented that the stallions are supposed to be gentle within the herd–they’re there to protect from outside threats. She said the alpha mare is known to be the one who is the strict disciplinarian. These pictures of Traveler, and your observations, seem to support that. And, I think it’s very probable that is Mouse’s problem.

15 02 2011

And they are – the stallions gentle. The mares do move when the stallions insist (snaking), though some “give” only to seem like they go where they wanted to go anyway. 😉 I like to see the horses grazing spread out because I know the mare(s) feel safe, and I know the stallion doesn’t feel threatened and is OK with that “free rein.” And I think personalities play as much a part with them as with humans’ relationships. I’m positive Jif ended up with Chrome at least because she wanted to be in an “alpha position” as Chrome “stole” her from Grey. She got along OK with Houdini, but she always wanted to lead and be out front. Piedra clearly rules Hollywood’s band, though she’s probably only a couple of years older than Iya. I think Piedra and Baylee are sisters – they share some kind of bond. Piedra isn’t very tolerant of Iya in her space – Iya gives her plenty of room – but Iya and Baylee are great pals (though Baylee, a year older, is clearly “dominant”). Iya is Houdini’s daughter – daughter of an alpha – but she’s not very assertive (yet?). I just love every aspect of them! 🙂

15 02 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, Grey/Traveler knows your smell, appearance, body language, and has obviously determined you’re not a threat – just a “curious” part of the landscape worth monitoring, but not worrying about. Terra’s “swan” blaze is certainly different from any I’ve seen. Could she have some paint blood?

How’s the snow situation? Doesn’t look good from theses pix.

16 02 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Very, very nice family photos of Grey and Terra!!! Any sign of difficulties with Gemma or Terra after this tough stretch of winter??

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