All together

26 01 2011

When I crested the hill, I saw a light grey horse down the hill … then a dun back … and my first thought was Seven’s.

But then I saw Rio and shifted my identification – to Chrome’s. The hill they were on is cut by tree-lined drainages that run down to a valley, cut by a bigger arroyo fed by drainages from the base of Filly Peak. Chrome, Jif and Hayden were in one drainage. Up across the hill, across another drainage and on the next “hill” were Two Boots and Rio. It’s not unusual for the horses to separate while they graze, and they certainly weren’t worried.

I couldn’t seem to capture on digital memory the 3D look the scene had in reality, with the backlit shine and country stretching out behind them.

Sweet ponies.

Chrome striking a handsome pose while he watches Two Boots and Rio come across to the hill he’s on.

Mr. Handsome

Chrome got a little miffed when Hayden tried to share his grazing. Hayden’s feelings weren’t hurt, but he did finally leave stepdaddy to his treat.

Jif watching Two Boots and Rio.

Down the hill …

Hi, sweet mama!

I liked their faces …

Rio in the foreground … Seven, Roja, Mona and Shane are in the background.

I just like this one, peace, light, a little breeze, mountains, calm … beautiful.



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27 01 2011

How far do you have to walk to find them? They look good and the snow level doesn’t look deep at all.

27 01 2011

I first saw them from the interior of the basin … but it was a closer (and easier) hike to drive out and around on the Disappointment Road adjacent to the herd area and walk in from there. Then it was maybe a 15-minute hike up and over the hill to where they were. Snow only about fetlock deep or so, but it had gotten crusty on top. We need more.

28 01 2011
Lynn Bauer

Thanks for the HARD work to get to them! Great shots – love those of Jif and Hayden and MOST ESPECIALLY, Chrome!! What do you know of his genealogy? He’s stunning, as is Grey and Seven – how, if at all, does Chrome fit into this??

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