Calendar – review

13 12 2010

Thank you all so very much for all your attention and votes and reasons for choosing and stories about the horses you’ve met! I love to know what you love about the horses!

I’m going to list the choices by name just to see where we are. Wednesday evening, I’ll make a final tally and list the winners with the photos! Some new names are still popping up to vote – you have to actually vote to be counted (no waffling – you know who you are! :)). Votes will close Wednesday, and my friend will draw a name Friday – because that’s when I’ll be close to a friend who can draw!

January – Kiowa & Milagro by a mile

February – Cuatro & Hayden by a mile

March – Kestrel & Ember; Iya & Baylee fairly close second

April – Houdini & Gemma very close over Bounce

May – Kestrel & Winona very close over Two Boots & Rio and Tenaz

June – David, sky very close over Liberty, Gaia & Whisper

July – Hayden by a mile

* August – Hollywood’s band tied with Gideon & Winona; Chrome & 2B and Duke both close behind

September – see my dilemma

October – Duke very close over Hook

November Hook’s, mountains by a mile

December – Jif & Hayden, unanimously!

cover – Grey/Traveler pretty close over Seven 🙂



One response

13 12 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Yes! David’s going to be in the calendar…now I’m really excited! Look’s like Hayden’s a star in the calendar, too! :] Very happy with the results!

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