18 10 2010

Jif pauses in her grazing to look … I think she was looking at or for Cinch and Liberty. I couldn’t see them, but we all knew they were there. I love the way she seems to be surveying her home.

Just about every landscape looks better with a horse in the foreground! The pyramid-shaped feature is McKenna Peak, and that’s the unnamed promontory behind and to the right.

While those two pix featured the same horse, the next three feature the same feature …




Do you know the land feature behind them in each pic? These were all taken immediately before sunset, and that’s Brumley Point, out on the southeastern border of the herd area. I know a Brumley (her married name is different), and she’s one heck of a wonderful lady – her husband’s pretty nice, too! I wish I knew a McKenna (McKenna Peak, McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area) … it’s just another connection, another piece of the history of this land and its inhabitants.

The near hill is Flat Top, and the one behind it (that you may or may not know is a separate hill) is Round Top. The very far ridge at the horizon is not part of the herd area. End of the day … the sun has set … Look closely – see them? The white “dots” are nooooooottt mountain goats! That’s Grey/Traveler and Houdini, and behind them are Terra and Gemma. Every landscape …

And just before I took that picture, I took this one:

Do you see the pillar of light?

Every landscape is magic that harbors mustangs!



3 responses

18 10 2010
Karen Schmiede

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the horses and views. Keep up the good work. Karen S.

19 10 2010

wonderful shots TJ and yes all landscape is better with a horse in it!!

19 10 2010

Thank you both! 🙂

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