Baby love

6 09 2010

There’s a theme … really …

The horses were just going crazy with bugs or flies or … I think it’s the wetter-than-usual conditions (although it was fairly windy and dry right at the moment) because usually we’re past the bugs by now – and they weren’t going for me at all. Alpha was seeking a little protection under Storm’s neck and got the double benefit of Luna’s tail; Gideon in the foreground. He’s 2 … but still her baby.

I am completely in love with these two – yep, with Comanche, “back” with “Steeldust’s band.” Love how they’re “sharing” an eye in this image.

Baby ‘Nona is a knockout, and I’m not the only one who thinks so …

She loves me!

Err … she loves me not? Or: Gideon gets his first lesson in the mystery of the opposite sex.

She loves me – I think?!

Oh, that little ‘Nona … 😉

OK, not a baby, but I can’t resist that sweet baby-face – bachelor Mouse.


Depending on how you scroll and the size of your monitor, that warning may not help …

Are you ready?

You’re wondering how this could POSSIBLY fit the theme – I know you are. When I first saw “this” snake, it was little, and I identified by the very teeny tiny tip of its testy tail that it was a rattler. Look at the rattle in this picture. Not very teeny, eh? The out-of-focus blur at right is the rock the teeny tail disappeared behind as I came walking up. Disclaimer: I’m not nearly as close as this photo – cropped after being shot at 400 mm – would have you believe. Impact is everything, after all. Because of the grass and distance, I couldn’t really see much detail through the viewfinder, but I knew enough that I didn’t want to hang around. Theory: This is mama snake, after baby snake of the teensy rattle crawled back to the “home hole” for safety.

Baby love, indeed. 🙂



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6 09 2010

Two of my favourite babies in the same photos! How sweet, they’ve both grown again! Is Gideon’s coat changing colour? I can’t quite tell…

6 09 2010

Gideon’s legs are showing their black now, but he’s still a beautiful red bay, like sister Hannah. His expressions with Winona were just priceless! And soon after, he went to stepdaddy Butch for comfort … not mama! I could just see them commiserating! 🙂

6 09 2010
kritter keeper

wow, love your blog! any way you might consider putting a follower gadget in so i can follow you? that pic of the rattler is an eye opener. hope she leaves the ponies alone. the horses are so gorgeous! oops, i see below, i can get posts by email…not used to wordpress. thanks!

6 09 2010

I’m a pretty low-tech blogger, so I’m glad you found a way to follow the blog! I don’t think the snakes bother the horses too much. I know they’re out there, but I see them rarely. I think this is the first one I’ve seen in the basin in more than a year. And that’s fine with me! 😉

6 09 2010

beautiful pics as ususal, yes, even the snake photo. I don’t like snakes, but what a great shot!! Luckily, I have only come across bull snakes out here.

6 09 2010

I forgot to ask you earlier, TJ, but I have a question. About how close do you usually get to the horses, and how close do you think they would allow you to get? Just out of curiosity. I’m sort of wondering how much you usually have to zoom in, if you always do at all.

7 09 2010

I don’t mind snakes (too much?!) … but when discussing “taking them” or “leaving them,” I prefer leaving them and “taking” only pictures!

I’m terrible at guessing distances. Almost all my photos are cropped. For ones like these, I’ll see a “moment” in the frozen image and crop in on that – and I have a very long lens – Canon’s 100-400 mm – which also enables me to stay a respectful distance away. Do you notice I don’t very often have photos of horses running? That’s how close I *don’t* get to them! 🙂

7 09 2010

Oh I see, I love how your pictures always show the horses relaxed and calm, not running away or scared or anything like that. Thanks TJ!

8 09 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Gideon and Winona are adorable, they make me smile! Snakes however… they’re cool from a distance :] We see a lot of Copperheads were I live, and I know quite a few people who’ve been bit. Does Colorado have Copperhead snakes?

9 09 2010

gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing these.

~lytha in germany
p.s. mouse is my favorite

11 09 2010

I love Mouse, too – wish he’d find himself a girl! He’s one of my favorite bachelors!

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