Lashing out

8 08 2010

I get so overwhelmed sometimes by the cruelty humans inflict on each other – animals, children, women (in no particular order, of course) – a stone in the road, using a stone from the road.

Worthless – the acts and my rage (how different am I?!) – and nothing happens. Nothing changes. One act begets another, worse, “eye for an eye.”

But what if we all had an eye for beauty and turned a blind eye to conflict – not to its happening but to continuing to fuel it?

When I say, several times a day, “I hate people,” this is what I mean. I love our capacity for compassion … I hate that so many people seem to have willed it out of themselves. I hate that I feel driven to say that.

Cold isn’t a season or a temperature but an emotion – lack thereof? I’d protect everyone in the world from it if I could … if they could be protected from such a hideous, snaking, crawling, ugly thing.

Did you see on the news that 10 people – caregivers, medical people, people overflowing with compassion and a driving need to help people, to bring something good to people who see little of it – were killed by Taliban? Gunned down – “their bodies were found riddled by bullets” by vehicles in a wooded area off a road. This story has a “why” that some – most – of us can’t even conceive – that the “spy missions” of these 10 people – people I probably wouldn’t hate – was to bring Christianity to people just trying to survive the ills the world (in their part of the world, the Taliban) inflicts upon them. Peace paid by bullets. The accurate why (though it was a “Christian aid group”) is that they were trying to bring compassion with their medical skills to people in dire need of both those things.

One of the people was from Durango, we found out today. Spy? Well, we ran a story the other day about how an office building near Durango holds a repository of top-secret U.S. intelligence (the address is in the phone book). He was a dentist.

The people were carrying “spy gadgets.” Well, those sinister-looking things on the sterilized tray are all rather pointy. Said with as much sarcasm as I can muster through tears for that man’s family – for the families of all those people – ALL THOSE PEOPLE – who are dying, injured, mutilated for someONE’s idea of … of what, exactly? All those people I can’t hate, can’t love, can’t know, can’t fathom.

“Unbelievable” has become a word I use frequently. A word I use unfortunately. I word I find unfortunate to use, as a lover of language, of beauty, to have to resort to such an ugly, unfortunate, un-enough word.

I try to keep this blog wrapped in beauty, try to exclude the outside happenings to be found on other blogs, websites, handheld newspapers, etcetera. As this blog, beauty is a small thing, wrapped in this greater world of insanity and cruelty and slaughter of hopes and ideals, literally, of people, horses, homes.

I’ve shared this before; it fits here:

What’s important is that *concept*: “Celebrate what’s right with the world.” Because even as the whole world seems to descend into madness, there IS *right* with the world …  and it’s up to you and I and the other lovers of right to celebrate it.

Here’s an example:

For those who can’t (won’t?), celebrate: beauty, life, people, animals, rocks in the road.

If cruelty makes you angry, celebrate what makes you happy … and share it. Every chance you get. It’s the least – and the *act* of it the most, after all – we can do.



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8 08 2010

Oh I can so relate to this posting TJ. Much sadness for all the evil, unconscionable and cruel acts inflicted upon good people and helpless animals. It truly is unbelieveable. “If cruelty makes you angry, celebrate what makes you happy … and share it. Every chance you get. It’s the least – and the *act* of it the most, after all – we can do.”

Every chance you get…

8 08 2010

This really came as a response to something I read (tried not to read) about horse slaughter … and finding out about this guy – this guy from right here in this unbelievably gorgeous part of the world, trying to do some good in another part of the world – and reading a book about trying to find that beauty … This world can offer so much beauty you cry … and so much devastation it will break you … Compassion is such a seemingly rare thing, found in so many increasingly rare pockets of the world … God love those people, even as someone else’s “god” declared them to be murdered.

8 08 2010
Marilyn Wargo

hold sweetness and peace in our hearts… hugs, mar

8 08 2010

Well said TJ. We share your anger and compassion…

8 08 2010
Barbara Warner

How beautifully you have expressed your feelings as well as ours that we share with you.
Thank you .

13 08 2010
Lynn Bauer

You’ll never be alone…
L & K

31 08 2010

What a great post. Long time lurker here, this one brought me out. Celebrate the kindness and the good in the world. You are absolutely right, and this was something I need to be reminded of.
Thank you.

31 08 2010

A reminder I could use often as well. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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