Young and younger

18 06 2010

There’s something about the bond of, especially, young mothers with their babies. You can see in their interactions with their youngsters the hint of their interactions with their own mothers … passed down from generation. I’m starting to see, I tell myself, patterns of behavior in certain mares. Two Boots and Kestrel and Shadow are the first babies I documented. Now they’re having babies. They learn fast, and, in particular, they’re so wonderful to watch.

Comanche grazing while Winona naps … Spring Creek Basin spread out to the horizon.

Mama’s presence means everything.

Protection of baby is everything.



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19 06 2010

wonderful photos. They really show that special bond.

19 06 2010
Janet Ferguson

Looks like foal was born with a slaughter “stigmata” on the forehead. May this remind us ever of their need for protection.

Just a horrible thought on a beautiful day.

Thank you for this beautiful photo.

If you don’t want to post this, that is fine, it may be too awful a thought, TJ!

19 06 2010
Janet Ferguson

My favorite is the one of Comanche grazing while Winona naps. That is a gorgeous photograph.


19 06 2010

When I first opened this web page, it really made me go ‘aahhh’ outloud. That first picture is just completely heart-warming, and Winona and Kestrel have just won #1 in my book! They are gorgeous, and look so similiar! I can’t describe how much I just love this set, especially the first one!

20 06 2010
Lynn Bauer

TJ – That first photo is a SERIOUS keeper!! Tells the whole story, doesn’t it?
L & K

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