Happy birthday, Iya!

27 04 2010

Iya was born about a week later than I estimated Two Boots was born the previous year (both are daughters of Houdini and, I think, removed stallion Junior). She apparently needed that extra gestation: Iya was huge, right from the beginning.

Look at those curled little ears (they straightened out) and grey legs – those long, long grey legs!


This is the great big girl last summer (yearling).

Last fall among the rocks on – appropriately! – Filly Peak.

By October, Chrome had stolen Jif and Hayden, and Iya was wavering between going with her friend Jif and staying with mama Houdini and Grey’s band. By November-December, Chrome also had Two Boots and Cuatro, but Iya stayed with mama. By January, she wasn’t with either Grey or Chrome …

In February, I found her with Hollywood’s band, which includes young mom Piedra and her colt, Sage, and Baylee, also acquired by Holls as a 2-year-old.

Baylee, Iya and Shadow are the only fillies I’ve seen so far leave their bands. (Shadow was taken by David as a long yearling when the southside boys bachelor band kicked Bruiser out of the pinto band.) That is to  say they’re the only immature fillies – young mother Two Boots, then 2 – and her colt – were taken by Chrome in the fall after Cuatro was born.

Dear Iya will never win the contest for beauty, but she has her mother’s level-headedness (as well as that noble Roman profile), and although Piedra warns her who’s boss mare in Hollywood’s band, she has made friends with both 3-year-old Baylee …

… and almost-yearling Sage. 🙂

She may be in her duckling phase …

But soon she’ll be a swan. 🙂

Happy second birthday, becoming girl!



3 responses

27 04 2010
Marilyn Wargo

She’s a fine one… mar

28 04 2010
Victory Cowgirl

She might not be stunning now, but soon she will be!

28 04 2010
Lynn Bauer

Someone once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Sometimes, the real beauty is somewhat hidden – in people and in the horses we love…
That can’t be changed, no matter where they go. All it takes is someone to see it.
Much love to Iya and all the ponies – gosh we miss them and their “Guardian!”
L & K
M & M

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