Happy birthday, Corona!

25 04 2010

Our pale pearl Corona was an unexpected bonus that came with our “gift” of three mares in October 2008 from Sand Wash Basin. Her mother, Raven, was pregnant when she arrived, and the fortuitous connection with Amanda Conner, HSUS intern the past two summers at Sand Wash Basin, gave us the information that Raven had been with stallion Corona’s band before the roundup there. (See Nancy Roberts’ blog, Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses, for information and loads of photos – including of Corona’s band and our Corona’s pale half-brothers Whisper and Bobby.)

As spring sprang last year, I became suspicious – then confident – Raven’s growing belly was hiding a little more than “good eatin.'” Then I found Kreacher, Mona and Kootenai – without Raven – and finally found Raven and pale-pale baby girl with Duke! I named Corona after her sire, forever linking our two herds.

She did show a bit of her color then, didn’t she?

This was the last time I saw Raven and Corona with Duke last fall. They’ve been back with Kreacher and the other girls – great aunties to the girl – since October 2009.

From the shiny days of last summer. Corona and Raven and stepdaddy-at-the-time Duke. One of my favorite visits with them.

She really blossomed over the winter, and her winter coat, at least, hints at her true palomino color. When she was born, I wasn’t sure what color to call her … but I knew she wasn’t “white”! That thick, luxurious, wavy mane definitely comes from daddy Corona! His nickname there is “Fabio”!

Happy first birthday, glorious girl!



7 responses

26 04 2010

she is a cutie. Kind of looks like our newest foal

26 04 2010
Lynn Bauer

One of our two most precious “discoveries” last April!! She’s stunning – and seems to be quite “composed and self-assured,” doesn’t she?!
Love to ALL the ponies – we miss them!
Lynn & Kathy

26 04 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Time passes fast :]

26 04 2010

Billie – I know! And her newest half-brother in Sand Wash looks like her, too.

L&K – She does, indeed. 🙂

Rochlia – Too fast! But they have to in the wild …

27 04 2010
Nancy Roberts

What a beauty Spring creek Corona is! Her half brother was doing great the last time I saw him, too cute for words! They all are, but each so unique and special! That is so cool you know their birthdays. I also am fond of Iya, that was interesting reading her story. I learn a lot from your blog! Plus the horses at Sand Wash are good teachers. (-:

28 04 2010
Victory Cowgirl

Beautiful girl. I love watching them grow up,… But sometimes it’s painful to watch them move on from depending on their dam and sire for food and protection. But still, it is inevitable that time will pass and things will change. So we must bask in the moment and love the foalish look of the horses while we can!

28 09 2019
Brec Kennedy

What a wonderful reminder of her daddy!

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