For GHC girls

24 03 2010

These pictures are for a couple of my new friends over at Girls Horse Club!

Victory Cowgirl (Jumper) asked about stallions and foals, and this is Hollywood and his son (yes, biological) Sage, who will be a yearling in just another month!

This was taken during my visit last week. Look at those ears. Happy daddy and son!

Then … check out this little manuever:

Did Daddy get mad?

A little annoyed, maybe. Notice that Sage is “baby clacking” – I didn’t mean anything by it, Dad, really! They walked on a few more steps, and Hollywood went back to grazing, and Sage turned his attention to his “aunties,” Baylee (who really may be his mama’s sister) and Iya.

And these next pix are for Rochlia, a frequent visitor, who was asking about Shadow’s sire. I don’t know who her daddy was, but this was her mama:

This was Ceal, Shadow’s dam, the first time I saw her back in 2004. She’s pregnant with her foal, and that’s her yearling colt peeking around behind her. They were with Poco and Roach at the time.

And this is weanling Shadow and Ceal in November 2007. The old girl didn’t make it through that winter, but, just like Molly did with Liberty, she spent some time with a band – the pintos – who later adopted Shadow until David stole her away in the late summer of her yearling year.

A little blast from the past … a little new. 🙂



4 responses

25 03 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Wow, thanks TJ!! What happened to Ceal’s yearling colt?

25 03 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Wow, thanks so much for the pictures, TJ! What a wonderful surprise to see when I bring up the blog page. =D You’re awesome, TJ, and that was wonderful that you posted these pics just for Rochlia and I. =) Thanks again, and WOW! What beautiful horses!

25 03 2010
Marilyn Wargo

TJ, It has been good to see the horses. You are doing a wonderful job. I hear you will be working with young People and the Cloud Foundation. We had 9 foot of snow on the hill above Pagosa and it is still melting. The earth is peaking out and allowing some Spring scent in the air. I hope to see you one of these days out along the Disappointment Rd. Is your count on the horses full or has someone eluded you yet? Your dedication is awesome… happy Spring! mar

25 03 2010

Hey, girls. 🙂 Sometimes you need pictures to tell the story! Rochlia, I don’t know what happened to the sorrel colt. A sorrel stallion that was rounded up with his sorrel mares in 2007 looked a lot like him, but I couldn’t tell for sure.

Marilyn, our snow is melting here, too. I don’t think we had quite 9 feet, though, wow! We had about 5 feet, I think. Still quite a bit around the house, but it’s melting fast, too! The basin is quite dry … I wish they’d gotten more snow, but at least it’s not as dry as last year. I know all the horses. 🙂 Happy spring!

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