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9 02 2010

Young people are our promise and hope for the future, across many spectrums, and their role in preserving our nation’s wild horses is no different. It was the wild support of school children, led by Wild Horse Annie’s charge, that led to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act.

Several online sites have kid-specific resources, and photographer Pam Nickoles has compiled a list of links for children and teenagers to learn more about wild horses:

And one young reader of this blog – Rochlia – is involved in an online Girls Horse Club. It’s a great resource for horse-crazy girls (like, I dare say, many of still are!) to read and write and share information about horses. They’re gearing up for “March for Wild Horses,” to learn even more about our American mustangs.

From their blog: “Beginning March 1st 2010, Girls Horse Club will host March for Wild Horses here at our virtual barn. The intent is to use our collective, creative voice to speak out for the rights of wild and feral horses on public lands, and show our support for the individuals and organizations who are their loving protectors. Throughout the month we’ll publish stories, essays, poems, and artwork created by horse girls, inspired by wild horses.”

If you’re a young reader – or young at heart – check out the link to learn more! Young folks saved this country’s wild horses once … they’ll continue to do so!



5 responses

9 02 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Wow, TJ, I had no idea you would do that! I can’t tell you how grateful I am! Thank you!

9 02 2010
Lynn Bauer

Lots of us are with you all the way!!
L & K

10 02 2010

Rochlia – Information is for sharing, and I’m happy you’re learning all you can about wild horses. Each voice is important! So thank YOU!

L&K – Lots of gals – and guys – all ages – with all of us, all the way! 🙂

10 02 2010

Rochlia, you’re learning that’s who TJ is. Generous, thoughtful and all about the horses – sharing information and her life with the horses of Spring Creek. We’re lucky she’s there for them and I’m proud to call her my friend.

10 02 2010

Thanks, Pam. 🙂 I’m just passing along the info *you’ve* gathered! I hope it helps lots of kids and teenagers out there learn more – and get involved! With all you do for the horses with your amazing photography and advocacy, I’m proud to call YOU friend, too!

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