Stolen horse

24 12 2009

This isn’t a mustang, but it is in Colorado, and the hope is that the more coverage, the better the chance these folks will get their mare back.

Forwarded to me by one of our Wild Bunch group:

Please be on the alert for this palomino mare, recently stolen from Wiley, CO. To make sure this was not an internet hoax, I spoke directly with Amy about it—the horse is a good roping horse, known on the circuit in that area, so Amy believes that the thief is someone who knows the horse or has seen her compete. Ropers travel great distances, so please spread this information and see if we can’t help bring the mare home for Christmas.

Please contact Amy or Brandon, information listed below:

9 year old palomino mare stolen from my house in Wiley, Colorado.  She is a dark yellow. Branded lazy D or W on left front shoulder, freeze brand.  Blaze face, 2 hind pastern markings and wire cut on left rear cannon.  If you have seen her or have any info please contact me at 719-660-9389 or Brandon at 719-688-2357
Amy Wollert



3 responses

25 12 2009

We don’t have a report filed with us yet on this case. Without that we are not able to check out the theft report of this horse. I hope they file soon.

25 12 2009

I forgot to mention that “us” is Stolen Horse International, aka located at We are a nonprofit organizatin that helps people search for thier horses. We send out alerts to thousands instead of waiting for people to find the informaiton. I only found this because I have goole alerts wiht keywords that finds it for me. Thanks for helping Amy. She
knows about us but has not filed a report.

25 12 2009

Thanks, Debi; I forwarded your information on to Amy. Thank you for the service you provide. I’m sure no one wants to need to use your services … but I’m equally sure they’re grateful for them when needed!

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