Pryor Mountain, Part 2

14 11 2009

In the spirit of catching up, here are some more photos from my visit to the top of east Pryor Mountain when I was in Wyoming and Montana back in September.

Shortly after I crossed onto the wild horse range from the national forest, I saw horses. It was Bolder’s band, coming from Krueger Pond.


Bolder and Amethyst (as always, please correct me if I’ve incorrectly ID’d horses?)


Bolder’s mares Celt (black) and Fool’s Gold


Also in Bolder’s band: Grulla mare Sapo and her filly


Pretty, pretty girl!

I could hear ATVs that I thought would eventually get to us on the road, but they never appeared. I found them when I walked down toward the pond; they were AT the edge of the pond while three bands stood on the hillside.


Doc’s band – he’s at right, Inocentes is in front, her dam, Fiasco, at left and Flicka (18!) behind her.


Jackson’s band – he’s the coyote dun at right, Firestorm at left, black Galena and her seal brown colt Jasper, and grulla Brumby and her filly behind Jackson. I think Brumby is the mare that tied up when she was driven in by helicopter during the roundup; she looked great this day.


Lakota’s band – he’s the grullo at left, bay mare Half Moon, 18-year-old Quelle Colour, palomino Blanca and roan Heritage.

Because of the people at the pond, I sat down on a boulder to wait for them to leave, thinking the horses were waiting for the same thing. The pond sits in a sort of natural amphitheater, and I’m sure the people didn’t realize I could hear them talking as if I was standing next to them. The people didn’t leave right away, but the horses did – they came right toward and past me! I figured sitting still and quietly was my best course of (in)action.


Jackson’s band starting to leave the pond.


Love his color.


What a handsome stallion!


Brumby and her filly


Jasper. Cute ‘n curious.


Quelle Colour, Heritage and Blanca


Half Moon


Handsome Lakota … he’s been one of my favorites since my first visit two years ago.


Jackson and Doc


Brumby’s filly and Jackson


Doc … What a splendid shiny boy! If memory serves (and it’s entirely possible it doesn’t), Doc was a bachelor with Two Boots a couple of years ago when I was there.



My impressions were that the horses looked wonderful and were quite sound, and if I didn’t know about the recent roundup, I wouldn’t have because they were remarkably calm. I wasn’t too surprised that they decided not to go to the pond with the people and ATVs and dogs there, but I was surprised they walked right by me on their way up the hill; there was plenty of room away from me to get to the top of the hill.

They are amazing horses, and I’ll have a part three to come of the horses I saw close to Penn’s Cabin, but it was so nice and almost completely peaceful (except for the pond people, I was the only one there, it seemed), and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting all the families.



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15 11 2009
Lea Williams

Love all the mustangs and the Pryor mustangs are among my favorites. I think you are right about Doc. Your picture looks like ones we have of him with a bachelor band 2 years ago. Isn’t it wonderful up there by Penns cabin when you are alone up there with the horses. The water hole near there is where we sat for a long time in mid afternoon and saw alot of the horse families come drink. I did not take too many pictures as I was so awestruck by them. They knew we were there but as long as we sat still and just watched they didn’t care. We did the same another down down on Mustang Flats (I think thats the name of it) and saw dozens more grazing. They were less concerned with us down there but we were not alone so much. People driving by but the horses didn’t even look up. We want to go up to Penns cabin and camp a few days.

17 11 2009

It WAS wonderful. You feel like you’re on top of the world surrounded by equine wonder and beauty. It’s a remarkable landscape, and the horses look fantastic. It was the same for me; I just sat with them, and they grazed all around me. Wonderful experience. 🙂

17 11 2009
Lynn Bauer

One day… if they’re still there… we’re planning to try and go… maybe we’ll get a chance. Great photos!! You were and are meant to spend time with them and others to help the rest of us see their lives and their beauty!
L and K

18 11 2009

Pam and others are doing the real work. I was just happy to spend a little time among them and take some pictures of my own of these cherished mustangs. 🙂

19 11 2009

Great post! You’re all right with your IDs too! Doc was a bachelor with Two Boots when you were here the first time. The time we had watching all of those stallions play that morning continues to be one of the favorite times I’ve had on the range. Hope you can come back again soon.

19 11 2009

Thanks, Matt! I hope you will make it down here for a visit someday to let me return the favor of introducing you to the Spring Creek Basin horses!

22 11 2009

Nice to see so many familiar faces – wonderful post TJ! Wish we could have been there at the same time. 🙂

24 11 2009

Wouldn’t that have been great? I’d love to be up there some day with you and Matt so you can tell me all about the horses we’re looking at. BLM wants to “keep the emotion out of it” … but how can we? Their personalities and social bonds and family connections and interactions are so fascinating and amazing! I love all I continuously learn about them – and about the other people who love them, too. 🙂

24 11 2009
Marilyn Wargo

Because of what we feel we are still working on keeping some wild horses and burros in the wild! mar

23 08 2011
Wendy Hagen

Just back from there…..cant wait to go back and spend some real time! Was only able to travel the dryhead, but did see 3 stangs! I believe they were a bachelor pack….2 blacks and a grulla…past Mustang Flats like August 16th 2011! I cant tell you the feeling when I saw them down ahead of us….a lifelong childhood dream come true! I had goosebumps and a tear of pure happiness! My God they were gorgeous! I also “fostered” Jackson at the Mustang Center…that big handsome brut…..they live the life I only dream of!

23 08 2011

Hi, Wendy! Aren’t they amazing? I love that whole area. Matt would be able to identify the horses for you. I love Jackson’s coloring! Our mustangs truly are amazing creatures! 🙂

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