Sun worship

13 11 2009


Can you feel the warmth?


Early morning in the basin, everything is still. Chrome and Traveler were still close with their families; in fact, Iya was hanging out with Chrome and Jif and Hayden again.


Traveler’s had started to go up this hill, on this side of the drainage, and Chrome’s – with Iya – had started up a hill to the left.


From the top of “Chrome’s hill” looking across at Terra and Houdini.


A little closer


A little earlier – Cuatro and Terra


A little sun … a little shade … a beautiful silver …


A little nourishment for the littlest.

I drove up into the northwest section of the basin, looking for Kreacher’s where I’d seen them the day before and any sign of Duke – nada nobody. But as I drove, I was thinking about the “bottle tree” I cleaned up last year in the wake of the people at Wildcat Spring. Remember it?


Taken Nov. 2, 2008.

You’d never believe …


Taken Nov. 7, 2009; same tree. 😦

I saw everybody else during the day but Molly and Liberty and the pintos (and the aforementioned Kreacher’s band and Duke), including Poco and Roach. They were too far for good pictures, just over the ridge from Seven’s, Bounce’s and Cinch, Bruiser and Twister. Steeldust was entertaining the remainder of the bachelors near Round Top. David and Shadow were out on the saddle, so I know they’re staying close to that water source, which is interior and safer at least.

The wind picked up about mid-morning, apparently trying to make up for the early morning stillness. Most of the sky was bright blue except for a long trail of clouds that kept the sun mostly – weirdly – obscured and kept us mostly under shade after that first glorious hour of the day.

Snow coming again.



One response

24 11 2009
Marilyn Wargo

TJ, Has it been a while since you saw Molly? I hope she will keep close to other horses. You got photos of her and her foal not too long ago. They are woolier and look good. See you sometime… Mar

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