10,000 thanks

10 02 2009

This is a little overdue … about 200 times overdue, as a matter of fact. The blog is a little more than a year old now, and the stats show that there have been 10,198 hits during that time. So thank you to all of you who have shown an interest in our Spring Creek Basin wild horses!



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12 02 2009
Kathy McKinstry

Hi TJ,
I was at a meeting in Canon City over the last couple of days. Bob was there and he showed me a little pocket type calendar that you had produced and had given him. Where can I get one? The photographs were outstanding!

13 02 2009

Thanks, Kathy. Glad you liked it! I usually fill my calendars with pix taken during the past year, but I fudged this year and used some from this January for good snow pix. 🙂 I don’t sell them, although I’m thinking of trying it in the future. I do a very limited number of them each year, mostly for family as Christmas gifts; I was a little behind this year!
Did you notice our mares? That pic was actually taken in January, but they had to be the misses October!
How are the Sand Wash Basin horses? I heard your roads in the herd area were just downright impassable. Hope you’re getting good moisture this winter!

13 02 2009
Kathy McKinstry

Well, the calendars are a great gift idea.

Two of our recreation specialists went out to Sand Wash last week and got around the west side without any problems. I haven’t been out myself. We are putting up a census flight in coordination with USGS and HSUS next week, so will know more about how the horses are doing then. It has been a pretty average winter I think. Pretty mild and not a huge amount of snow. Nothing like last year!!

14 02 2009

Hope you find the horses in good condition after the flight. Our year has been pretty mild, too … and, like you said, especially compared with last year!

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