17 11 2008
Horses, wild

Horses, wild

What a spectacular, glorious, fabulous, brilliant, phenomenal weekend!

Communication was the name of the game this weekend, and whether it came as feelings or emotions or deeds or actual words, the air was crystal clear for conversation. The ponies had some guests again this weekend (and only a few hunter folk on these last days of the last hunting season): Debbie and Kathleen from the Boulder area. The BLM office put me in touch with Debbie at least a few months ago, and we’ve been trying to connect for a meeting in Spring Creek Basin ever since. When the time is right, the time is right, eh? We could not have asked for a more beautiful combination of horses and weather. They got to see almost all the horses, and Debbie thought Seven might be getting ready to make an appearance in the near future.

Debbie is an animal communicator, and while I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – didn’t even know for sure if I believed in such a thing – the amazing response she had from my beautiful Grey boy – who most of you know as Traveler – was nothing short of incredible. His grace and strength and ecompassing wisdom never cease to amaze me. I watched while she sat with him, and though his band wandered away, and he continued to graze nonchalantly, he stayed close to Debbie, and I could tell he was “listening” to her.



He is a healer and a diplomat and a leader – did we not know that? – in his most recent of many lifetimes on this Earth. He and I possibly have a connection that reaches back centuries. (Did I not know that?) His experience leaving the basin, his time away, being returned, is an experience he’s actually proud of because it brought an opportunity to educate the other horses.

The horses are happy. Did my heart not sing to hear that?!

A lot of photos to go through, but these next reports won’t be as much a documentation of my travels and which horses were where as previous posts but simply who we saw and what we saw them doing. I camped in the basin, while Debbie and Kathleen stayed in Dove Creek, and I had two early mornings alone with the horses that were nothing short of stunning.

We are so blessed by our wild ones, and in light of the recent crisis surrounding wild horses in the West, I hope we can remember that and do everything we can to protect them and their happiness. They give so much, ask so little. Healers … in every sense of the word.



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