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28 07 2008

Thanks to artist Karen Keene-Day for an email about this article that was featured in the Sunday (July 27) Denver Post:

I guess even the government can’t control the BLM; despite the letter sent by U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources), the tone of the article seems to be that the BLM is plowing ahead with plans to “euthanize” wild horses or send them to slaughterhouses. None in America? Guess they’ll go to Canada or Mexico.

The article also says three roundups are planned this fall in Colorado. Sand Wash Basin was supposed to have a roundup (we are/were supposed to get three mares from that herd (for genetic viability) because we didn’t get them after the Little Book Cliffs roundup last fall after ours), but it apparently isn’t funded (I still don’t understand that?), and the West Douglas Creek horses are scheduled to be “zeroed out” because of oil and gas drilling. Where’s the other roundup?

The Cortez Journal ran an AP story last week about testing done on Nellis Air Force Base to determine what killed 71 wild horses there last year. This link to a Las Vegas TV news station provides a link to that story (the report is finally out) as well as past news stories:

Roundups also are being planned in the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area outside Cody, Wyo., and on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in northern Wyoming and southern Montana (just ones I know about). Where are those horses going to go? The BLM is calling the Pryor roundup an “emergency” and in its EA ( shows photos of damaged range (in the lower, desert part of the range where few horses summer) and a thin mare (not even shed out and just had a foal). Pam Nickoles, who visited Spring Creek Basin in late May, visited both those ranges a couple of weeks ago and said she has never seen the ranges – or the horses – looking better. I understand this year may be better than next year and the year after that, but to call for an “emergency” gather seems silly in light of the BLM’s financial woes.

Always something, eh?




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