Baby pictures – Sunday, April 20, 2008

22 04 2008

Luna with filly

Luna and her baby.

Steeldust had his band way up on the north hills Sunday. I hadn’t seen horses in that area since I started the project last fall, but I talked to a rancher who was trying to gather a few errant cattle, and he said he had been seeing horses in that area all spring. Grey/Traveler had his family on the north side of what I call the “finger hills,” just northeast of the dugout intersection. He moved them there while I was talking to a couple named Roy and Sue, who were out looking at the horses. Roy said he grew up in the Disappointment, and when they were kids, he and his brother used to ride out with the wild horses. Now he and Sue go out every spring to see the horses.

Pregnant Houdini

Houdini is still pregnant as of Sunday, but I fully expect her to have her foal this week!


Grey looking back at his band. He is traditionally a good daddy; he’s been good with Two Boots and Twister, and I have no doubt he’ll take care of Houdini’s foal like it’s his own. I hope he’ll be a sire again in the future.

Luna\'s filly nursing

Filmmaker James Kleinert came out to the basin Sunday – good timing. I took him across the hill close to where Steeldust’s band was grazing. I wanted us to be in full view of the horses so they could determine the distance between us. There were still some trees between us in places, but the light was gorgeous, and the horses gave us the gift of allowing us to stand and watch them for several long minutes.

We ended up fairly close but a couple of gullies away, and the horses gave us the remarkable gift of quietly browsing up the hill. They moseyed on, and we moseyed away.



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