The stork arrives in the basin!

21 04 2008

Luna\'s filly

Luna had the first foal of the 2008 season – a beautiful, long-legged sorrel filly with a star and strip!

She was born Friday night or sometime Saturday. I saw the horses Friday, and Luna was as big as ever. I camped with horse folk Friday and Saturday nights, and I didn’t see Steeldust’s band again until Sunday afternoon – voila!

Nothing yet from Houdini – any day now! I expect Alpha to foal sometime in May, but the due dates of the other mares – and exactly which ones are pregnant – is anybody’s guess!

Wonderful weekend – green sprang up on the hillsides practically overnight! That crazy wind did its best to leach the moisture out of every single everything! I saw the first paintbrush of the season this weekend, too.

Special thanks to Tif for bringing her wonderful pinto Bashkir Curly horse Apache for me to ride, and to Sue, Ted and Kelly (and Tif, too) for the delicious food, the laughs and companionship at camp, and for showing me the basin through new, taller eyes! How cool was it to RIDE the trails in the actual hoof steps of wild horses!?

I’ll have more photos later, but it’s been a long, dry, windy, surprising weekend, and I’m ready for bed!



3 responses

29 04 2008
wayne strickland

Loved the pictures.and admire the mustangs you are supporting.
I follow a mob of wild Brumbies here in Australia,They run in a stste forrest close to my home.On my web page you will see paintings and sculptures of the horses.
Wayne strickland

29 04 2008

G’day, Wayne!
I got an error trying to get to your Web site, so I’ll check again later. Very cool that you also follow wild horses on the other side of the world! Our horses in Spring Creek Basin are descended from Thoroughbred and Morgan stock, so I imagine there might be some similarities with your brumbies … descended from English Thoroughbreds?
Thanks so much for your comments. It’s so cool to see the horses attract attention from such a distance!

1 05 2008

Hi, Wayne,
I finally got to your Web site – beautiful art! I love the color and motion in your paintings. The energy and light in them is awesome!

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