9 08 2011

I’m so easily distracted … I was looking at other photos when I came across this one:

Young master Varoujan tried to squeeze between big brother Gideon and mama Luna. I’m pretty sure it was Gideon who kept the squeeze on that never did let Varo inch his way totally between them.

In the background at right is Steeldust, Gideon’s sire and Varo’s grandsire (Butch, Varo’s sire, is Steeldust’s son). I swear, the old man sports new scars every time I see him. Mouse – seen through legs in the back at left – was dominant again.

This was toward the end of the day as a big storm cloud was threatening the sun. Earlier in the day, the band was arranged in almost a crescent around Varo, who was laid flat out taking a nap. I walked around them, and once in a while, someone would turn his or her head to look at me, but Varo was out cold – eyes shut tight and little lips slack. There’s a definite heirarchy, and little Varo is king – well, most of the time. šŸ˜‰



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10 08 2011
Priscilla Burgers

I love your wild horse images. My husband and I, amateur photographers, were thinking of going to the roundup to photograph the horses. Do you think we would get good pictures from the observation area, or do you think we would get better pictures before or after the roundup?

12 08 2011

Hi, Priscilla, and thank you! I think you will have better luck if you can get to the basin before the roundup. Right now, the observation area is up in the air because of FAA rules concerning the helicopter pilot … Also right now, there are more horses, and they’re pretty easy to find and get to. It also depends on what kind of photos you want … if you want natural photos of the horses just doing what they do – go before. You can check with Tom Rice (associate manager of the Dolores Public Lands Office who will basically be in charge of the roundup) – (970) 882-7296 or trice@blm.gov – about observing the roundup. As far as I know right now, we’re waiting to see what the pilot wants to do, and we won’t know that until they get to the basin and start setting up Sept. 14. But check with Tom – he’s very professional and easy to talk to.

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