Comanche, by Veryl

21 06 2011

I visited my friend Claude Steelman yesterday at his gallery in Durango, and he asked me the identity of a horse in a photo he had taken in about 2009. I had been eyeing it, and as best I can tell by the angle, it’s Comanche. Then he pointed to a bronze sculpture on the counter, “Dust Devil,” and said it’s Veryl Goodnight’s rendition of  Comanche in the photo.

Photos of it are featured in her new book, No Turning Back; The Art of Veryl Goodnight.

I don’t think Claude has the photo on his website, but if you were to look at the sculpture from the back left, with him facing more forward than in the pic of the sculpture on the website, that’s the photo Claude caught of Comanche, backlit with dust wreathing his hooves.

Our Comanche – in bronze. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.



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