Just one, of two

11 06 2011

Alpha and Varoujan, backlit by afternoon light. Pretty, pretty, the ponies.



2 responses

12 06 2011
Linda Horn

Pretty indeed! I have a question. Have you ever noticed evidence of tumors in the light colored horses of SCB? I’ve read about wild horses that have been captured being euthanized by the BLM for other things … blindness, poor condition, clubbed feet, lameness, failure to thrive, etc., but no mention of tumors that I remember. I wonder if it’s something in the genetic makeup of Mustangs that’s different in light-colored domestic breeds.

12 06 2011

No, I haven’t. I’ve seen some indication of sunburn, like on white snips where the white covers all or part of the sensitive muzzle. But no tumors. I think their dark skin (other than under white markings) helps protect them. I’m not saying they may not exist in wild horses somewhere, but I haven’t seen any in our Spring Creek Basin horses.

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