Shadow ponies

4 06 2011

These ponies shun human contact, and I don’t often see them. It was the fact that I saw them from a distance that I went walking out and found Kiowa’s band and her new little one. Had a brief visit with these guys, just enough to check that everyone was fine, then left them alone.

The only reason I wasn’t freaking out at this point was that I had seen all four before I went out to the pintos, so I knew Coal must have been napping nearby. What did surprise me was how close both David and Shadow allowed me to get with baby napping. Then they stood there for a while, and I DID start to wonder … I thought Shadow would have roused baby right away. That she didn’t … maybe I’m growing on her. 🙂

And then he got up, stretched and walked over to big brother Wind and mama for a snack … Totally cool, this little mister, not a care in the wide world.

And there’s the family! Dark and handsome!



One response

8 06 2011

Beautiful little family-love them so much!

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