Spook and Bruiser

3 06 2011

As I commented last week, Spook, 3, is with Bruiser (NOT Butch – thanks, Lynn, for catching my big typo!). They were far enough away when I saw them last week that I could tell she didn’t have a foal with her but couldn’t tell about her pregnancy status. As you see here, she clearly does not have a foal with her and just as clearly is no longer pregnant. Bruiser looks massive next to her, doesn’t he? She’s pretty small – he’s a short, stout guy!

Judging by the dried blood on her hind legs, it was fairly recently.

They’ve done a fair bit of traveling, this pair, and have ended up in the far eastern part of the basin.

Did I mention the wind was a stiff son-of-a-gun? You can tell by this photo – any wind stout enough to push Bruiser’s heavy mane to the other side of his neck is worth reckoning. I’m surprised I have any sharp photos from the day as much as it was pushing us all around. Day in the life of the ponies!

The Albuquerque news (which we get here in the southwest corner of Colorado, given that we’re in that viewing area and far closer to New Mexico than to Denver) last night showed images of the Duke City shrouded in smoke from a big fire in the Gila Wilderness in Arizona. Wednesday, it got a bit dense here, too, and though I would have believed it was dust because of the wind, it sure smelled smoky. That fire was reported at 60,000 acres last night, almost as big as the 70,000-plus-acre wildfire north of Durango the second year I lived here … Also on the news was a report of a 1,000-acre wildfire on the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico. The Forest Service manages a herd of wild horses on the Carson … I don’t know where they are in relation to the fire, but include them in your prayers, as well as the firefighters battling all the blazes. It’s dry out there, folks. Really, really dry.

Also wanted to point out what sharp-eyed readers will already have noticed – a healing cut to Bruiser’s upper forearm. Four Corners Back Country Horsemen spied it a few weeks ago during the count, and I hadn’t been able to confirm it until now. It looks to be healing, and he doesn’t seem bothered by it.



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3 06 2011
Linda Horn

Sad to hear about Spook’s lost foal, but a fact of life both in the wild and with domestics. We drove back from Portales yesterday, and wondered whether what blanketed the area from East of the Sandias to Farmington was smoke. It was blue-grey, as opposed to the usual brown, and smelled smokey. Sure is traveling. Read this AM the Gila fire has grown to almost 89,000 acres, and was human-caused. Stupid, irresponsible people!!!

3 06 2011

Indeed. And wow, that fire is spreading fast! Almost 30,000 acres overnight if the Albuquerque news was right with 60,000 acres at the time of the broadcast. Please be careful out there, folks.

3 06 2011

I live in Taos and we’re dealing with smoke from all directions right now. You mentioned forest service horses in NM, where are they located? I didn’t know there were any wild horses up here.

3 06 2011

Sounds bad in New Mexico right now with all the smoke. I’ve never been out to see the Carson horses, so I can’t give you any details, unfortunately. Here are some contacts for more information:
http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/carson/natural_resources/wildlife/horses.shtml – Carson National Forest site regarding the wild horses there
http://lynnepomeranz.com/ – photographer who visits the Carson horses and others in New Mexico
http://skymountainwild.org/ – Karen Herman and Dan Elkins are involved with bait trapping and treating horses with PZP on the Carson, the first Forest Service-managed herd to use PZP.

4 06 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

Everyone – We’ve been up to the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory within the Carson National Forest and the primary area is just outside Dulce westward and northward to the Colorado border. We believe the area is not affected at this time, but ALL areas are dry and subject to wildfire at any time!! Please, please, be careful and spread the word – lives depend on it! Meanwhile, we here in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area are seeing actual ash collecting on vehicle windshields and it smells like campfires are burning all around our neighborhood; can’t even make out the Sandia Mts. from here and that’s not good!! Last we heard, the Arizona fire is zero percent contained!!

4 06 2011

Wow – sounds just crazy. We’re covered in smoke here in SW Colorado but no ash that I can tell. We have a story on the Nation page about the fire … it also says zero percent contained. 149,000 acres. BE CAREFUL!

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