Gaia and her new family

5 03 2011

Gaia and Liberty …

Liberty is with:


Two weeks ago – when the basin was still covered in snow – I saw three horses way far away. I was sure one was Cinch … and another one Liberty, but the third was unidentified – “reddish” was all I could tell … though I didn’t think it was quite Gaia-red … though it was cloudy and grim, and the distance was far.

The last time I saw Bounce’s band was the end of January – from a distance. So sometime between then and two weeks ago, she ended up with Cinch and Liberty. Based on the way they were acting when I saw them two weeks ago, I’d say it was close to that time.

Gaia will be 3 this spring … about time she left her family band for a band where she takes on a new role. They grow up so fast!



2 responses

6 03 2011
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

We understand about the “time” to leave birth family, but, we have to confess, we’re not completely thrilled about Gaia being with Cinch. She’s a gorgeous sorrel color and we think, more a part of the group of horses out of “Mr. Ed” and the other import and NOT the original pinto, “Spook.” The pintos look to us to be smaller, stouter and “less refined” than the other bands. We had hoped another of the band stallions would have taken her, but given where Seven’s family normally hangs out, we guess it makes sense that Cinch would be in the right area at the right time. It’s just, we’re a wee bit disappointed that Gaia’s first foal will come out of what we call the “pinto line” in SC. Had hoped otherwise…

7 03 2011

You can’t think like that. This is not a breeding farm where we humans pick out the best lines and matchmake all the details. 🙂 What do we know better than they? Do the horses breed successfully? Do the offspring survive? If yes – and yes, in Spring Creek Basin – all is as it should be. Even with PZP, it won’t be selective. All the mares – randomly and not all at the same time – will get treated (eventually). The pintos are human-introduced (back to Spook) – and that now is as it is. Don’t get caught up in the “style” of the foals, rather that they’re healthy and able to survive and pass on their genetics to the next generation.

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