Messy mud and glorious beauty

18 02 2011

That’s my right boot, covered in mud. It’s hard to see the distinction of mud on my boot and where the ground is, but there’s a thick layer on both sides (and my heel) and up on the toe. (Anyone trying to lose weight? Come quick, while the weights – I mean mud – are/is still plentiful!) I’m not tall enough to be able to focus on the ground with my camera to my face, so I’m holding the camera over my head and aiming at the general direction. Messy mud. 🙂 Every step was a slide backwards of 3 to 6 inches, depending on just how saturated and recently melted the snow was in any given area – not to mention sinking an inch or 2 deep. But it was the best slog I’ve ever had!

Some more pix I’ve tweaked so far, in no particular order … (I am so, so, SO glad I decided to go ahead back out!):

Iya, left, and Baylee. Iya is definitely pregnant … Baylee should be, but it’s hard to tell. Hollywood’s band.

Little Fierro, in Hook’s band. Doesn’t he have the most awesome star with that little comet-tail?

Handsome Comanche, pausing photogenically in front of the La Sals.

Another grey day here today. How thankful am I for yesterday?! I don’t believe I’m going overboard gushing about how gorgeous yesterday was and the visits I had with these horses (three different bands – rare this winter). I’m going to try to get some pix up every day this week; I think I have enough for that!



3 responses

18 02 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, I had to laugh when I saw your boots. Reminded me of digging in wet Texas gumbo. As a Texan, I’m sure you know that stuff drys like concrete. I ended up with 6 inch “platforms” that had to be tossed.

Fierro is so sweet! I sure wish I had property where the “excess” horses could run free. Of course, they would be properly managed with fertility drugs and selective removals for training, as any reponsible rancher would do.

19 02 2011
Karen Schmiede

Tj, thanks for braving the mud to get some pictures. They are great as usual.

19 02 2011

Linda – You and me both with regard to the property …

Karen – I think “braving” is the right choice of words – ha! But sooooooo worth it!

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