19 12 2010

Rio  was following mama Two Boots (that’s her tail at left), paused to check out Chrome, who raised his head up over Rio’s head and neck when he walked right in front of him – then stopped. Solid Chrome just let his chin rest on Rio’s back and continued his nap. I love these little moments that show stallions  involved with their families – not just fighters or stand-offish protectors. Later, with Hollywood’s band, they were grazing around … then I noticed Piedra had stopped grazing and walked back to where Hollywood was standing to nap with him. Companionable in close proximity. Pretty soon, the others came back and gathered close for a group nap. Comanche’s – very nearby – also stopped to nap. The funniest thing was at one point watching them start to raise and turn their heads to look up the hill – out to my left. Sage appeared over the hill, looking at ME … I was singing Christmas carols while they napped, and he came to investigate. 🙂 Have you noticed that “Silent Night” has a lullaby quality?

Jif and Chrome, sharing their own companionable nap.

Two Boots taking a break from grazing to give Rio a snack.

Handsome Hayden napped a short distance away during most of my visit. Such a quiet, laid back boy. Like his stepdaddy, not much seems to ruffle him.



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19 12 2010

Two Boots is a good mama.

BTW, TJ, I got Part I of your interview up on my blog now. I hope I did it justice for you. If you have any suggestions for edits, let me know. Hopefully, you can answer questions, if there are any, too. I already asked you one. 😉 You’ve done so much here–have so much knowledge of these horses–it’s HARD to condense it so that newbies can understand the whole story. I hope we were successful.

19 12 2010
Pat Amthor

Isn’t that such a diversion from what “most” people of stallion behavior! Thanks

19 12 2010
Lynn Bauer and Kathy Pariso

“Family is family” – Chrome, Bounce, Kreacher, Duke and others have proven that!

Thanks for the portrait of “our” GORGEOUS Hayden – that little heart on his forehead ’bout says it all!!

19 12 2010

Linda – thank you! It looks great! I do find it hard to condense it in a way that encompasses a lot and yet is understandable. I’m glad you’re doing in in phases!

Pat – Definitely! I love these moments, which I see all the time – and I love to share them!

Lynn & Kathy – Again, definitely. 🙂

21 12 2010
nicole vinson

were those scratches on chromes neck and back area??

21 12 2010

I tried to get a closer look at the area on his shoulder, but all I could see was a line of wet hair. No obvious sign of injury in either case … but he IS wild! 🙂

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