Aspen light

22 11 2010

Steeldust’s band was partially visible near one of the roads, but I had seen Seven’s band and not Shane, so I went to them first on my last visit. I had such a good visit with them and Hook’s and Comanche’s bands that I lost track of time (like that never happens …), and then I had forgotten to change the daylight saving time setting on my GPS device, so even though the sun was about a finger’s width from the horizon, I kept telling myself I had plenty of time to get over to see Luna and the gang. Ha. (I know exactly where I am, but I’ve found it handy for sunrise/set and moonrise/set times, though, in Colorado, with hills and ridges and mountains along every horizon, the time is usually off between about 17 and 23 minutes.)

With the very, very last kiss of sunlight on the grasses, I caught sight of Aspen over a hill … and that was it.

I love the light and Aspen’s pose and the illustration that the horses can be so nearby (this is not far from the road) and so out of sight.




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