A little lovin’

30 10 2010

Steeldust, gentleman that he is, gives Alpha some lovin’.

Look at her flirt, the coy vixen.

Gideon shared shade with Storm until Storm wandered out to …

… “What? You think this is wrong?” (name that commercial) The only side effect I’ve seen from the PZP-22 has been that the foals – Storm and Corona, daughter of Raven – continue to nurse because their mothers are not pregnant and their bodies don’t seem to kick in and tell them it’s time to wean the current foal. This seems to only strengthen their bonds, provide continued and additional nutrition to the growing youngsters and not affect the mares adversely. (Does Alpha look like she’s been adversely affected? 🙂 ) I’m not sure how much he’s getting. Alpha let him nurse for a couple of minutes, then walked off, and they both continued grazing. Gideon, deprived of one shade buddy, walked up the hill a bit to share shade with stepdaddy Butch. (Notice Luna, Gideon’s dam, in the upper left corner of this photo.)

From the top of this hill at the northern part of the basin, there was quite a cool view northwest to the snow-covered La Sal Mountains of Utah:

I often wonder if or how often the horses go below this “ridge” to the part of the herd area “behind” it.

Also from up there, the view of the entire basin is amazing. One of these days, I should take my wide(r)-angle lens up and take a series of shots that I can stitch together in Photoshop to give folks an overall, nearly eagle-eye view of Spring Creek Basin. It’s a glorious place!



5 responses

30 10 2010
Maggie J Rothauge

This image is breathtaking! So dimensional! I wish you would do a series, but maybe you have. I’m new to the blog! Looking forward to seeing more….Maggie in Oregon 🙂

30 10 2010

Glad to have you! Our basin is a beautiful place, though most of it is behind and below me as I took this picture!

31 10 2010
Karen Schmiede

You really should do an overall view of the Basin. Would love to see all of it. Also Gidean and Storm are so cute standing in the shade.

31 10 2010

I’ll try to do that, then, on one of my next trips.

31 10 2010

I always enjoy seeing these horses. It is a real treat to have been out there and recognize a few of them. Just seeing that little bit of Luna, I thought it must be her! The light this time of year is wonderful on the coats too. Thanks for allowing me the virtual visit!

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