Three of Seven

28 10 2010

Only one place on the planet could these horses call home with a background like that!

Mona and Shane, of course, are these lovely ladies glowing in the glorious light of the end-of-day.

Seven, of course, was never far away.

A very good protector is handsome Seven. You can just see Mona, just below Shane.

I was glad to see Shane looking so big and stout! What a gorgeous day. Indian summer may be over with the advent of “crisper” temperatures, but we had a really fantastic autumn – which I guess isn’t officially over. There’s snow on our La Platas and the San Miguel and the La Sals, which we can see from the basin. Snow from our Monday storm was still lingering on the north side of hills in places on the way to the basin. A wondrous hillside of aspen that was peak gorgeous orangey-gold last week was completely devoid of color today. But blue skies, perfect temperature, perfect breeze – up on a hill, just a whisper of breeze, sun warm as a hug, ponies getting fuzzy? I love this time of year!



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