Visit with Chrome’s

23 10 2010

Catching up from a week ago … Two Boots, Rio and Chrome

Mama and baby

Chrome – McKenna Peak and unnamed promontory in the background

His “magnificent wild stallion against the turquoise sky” pose. He really is quite a handsome fellow!

Two Boots and Chrome

Jif and Hayden had already come down the ridge … Two Boots took the fast way down, but although it looks like Chrome is thinking about following her, he didn’t. He continued walking along the edge for a little bit until he found an easier way down. 😉

Two Boots had been nickering for Rio to follow her up out of the arroyo (you can see his legs) … I think the big guy thought she was nickering for him.

Ending with one of Rio – such a handsome little guy!



4 responses

23 10 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Rio has grown so much-it’s amazing how fast time flies! I can see he’s already graying. Both Two Boots and Chrome look so elegant, and Rio still has ‘baby eyes’! Love them!

23 10 2010

Isn’t he cute? They do grow so fast … but they have to here in the land of the short-short summer! We’re starting to get a little taste of winter!

24 10 2010

Those are great pictures TJ and the horses look really good! Rio is very much a cutie. 🙂

24 10 2010

They’re all in fantastic shape – the rain this summer really helped a lot. I see so much of Two Boots in both her colts, and that makes me see Houdini … So cool!

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