One tree, multi-shading

2 07 2010

Chrome and his family were finding a little refuge from the gnats under a juniper when I arrived this week. The ever-present breeze helps some, too.

Very nearby, Two Boots and Rio.

The gang’s all there. What a cool tree, eh?



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3 07 2010

very cool tree and a much welcome relief for the horses on those hot, sunny days.

3 07 2010
Janet Ferguson

Nice photo, thanks. . .

Hope with all the BLM and Interior projects out there that this won’t be the last 5 horses and last darn tree left in the West. Just a cynical thought to “throw out there.”

The photo is almost scary in its symbolism.

3 07 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Beautiful photo! Awesome tree (Mr Tree, please keep up your wonderful shading services for my favorite five, if you can. ;), and stunning horses as always. Gotta love Chrome’s Band!

3 07 2010

Billie – Right on! Lots of horses were up hillsides under trees, seeking shade and breezes.

Janet – You missed a horse. There are six horses in this band … four in the first photo, two in the second photo, all in the last photo … unless you, like BLM, don’t count foals. šŸ™‚ I try to stay optimistic. Doom and gloom is self-perpetuating. As for symbolism, I see a protective giant, green and alive and growing, sheltering just one band of many – today, yesterday, tomorrow. Like you’ve said previously, many people are working very hard to keep that – this – a reality.

VC – I knew you would like these pix. šŸ˜‰ Don’t forget little Rio – makes six!

3 07 2010
Lynn Bauer

Perfect analogy of the tree… We, too, prefer to stay positive – these guys have many two-legged guardians! Perhaps, that will figure into something good for all the wild ones! Thanks, TJ, for keeping us all connected to their world!!
L & K

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