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26 06 2010

The following pix are specifically for my Girls Horse Club friends Rochlia, Victory Cowgirl and Toppyrocks. 🙂 I was thinking about ya’ll when I took pix of your favorites!

Chrome, looking very handsome. From the same visit as the pix of Rio in the post below.

Here’s Cuatro very submissively greeting him; Two Boots and Rio behind them.

Our jet black girl Shadow and her baby, Wind. His dark coat is starting to shine through his baby coat.

Ty was right with them, but the pintos were nowhere in sight. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better “stallion” picture of the boy – he was so relaxed, he barely looked up from his grazing, and never long enough for me to catch him at it! 😉

Just for reference, here’s Shadow’s stallion, David, calmly browsing on greasewood – but definitely between Shadow and Wind and Ty. We were very excited to see these horses right off the road each time we drove by. But we never saw the pinto band (which are not all pintos).



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26 06 2010

Thanks TJ! These are great! Ty is really a lot darker then some of the earlier photos a year or so ago, isn’t he? Glad to see him!

26 06 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Oh, gosh TJ! Thanks so much for these pics of my boy, Chrome. He’s looking good, and apparently he’s having a very, very successful life. Hope to hear more about his life sometime soon. I can’t believe Cuatro has gotten so big… he’s a big boy!

27 06 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Sorry I haven’t been on for a while- I went to church camp :]
The horses all look wonderful- especially the foals!
Do you think Wind will be black like Shadow?

27 06 2010

Topprocks – Ty is actually getting lighter … although he’s still really dark! He had me fooled until about a year ago – I thought he was black, until his face and mane started showing grey grizzles. He’ll keep getting lighter and lighter until he’s as light as Chrome … and to “white” eventually.

VC – Chrome is doing very well as a band stallion. Cuatro is big … Hayden’s almost as big! I do wish I knew more about his history. I’m seeing a lot of resemblance between him and Kreacher, especially in their faces, though Chrome has better conformation.

Rochlia – Hope you had fun at camp! I think Wind will be lovely bay like his daddy, David, and his possible-grandma Mahogany. He’s a big boy, too!

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