Happy (belated) Father’s Day!

21 06 2010

While I was on vacation, I gave my dad a card and gift for Father’s Day – on Sunday, June 13. The funnies page in their hometown newspaper alerted me to the fact that it was NOT, in fact, Father’s Day yet. So while I’m late with this post – by a day – I was actually a week early!

Butch and Gideon

As humans remind us, daddies are special in their children’s lives, whether they’re joined by biology or by fate. I hope to have a funny little series of just what young man Gideon is learning from stepdaddy Butch soon. He clearly adores the big guy and seems to hang out with him as much as possible. I’m pretty sure Butch is pretty fond of his little shadow, too.

Dads, thank you for all you do for your children – for all children – with your gifts of time and attention and love. It shapes us as surely as anything in our lives. We are grateful.



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