Long time no see

4 06 2010

I hiked around Round Top to look for the pinto ponies and got a nice little surprise – David, Shadow and Wind!

David came to check me out.

Growing boy. He’s gained some size, hasn’t he? 🙂

Another one of David … at the edge of the world.

I didn’t see Poco and Roach during my visit, but I did see everybody else, including some horses I either hadn’t seen recently or hadn’t seen close. I should have more pix of those ponies as well as some of the usual cast of handsome characters soon. (Spoiler: I did see the pintos … eventually!)

Although my original hope was that my hike would yield a glimpse of the pintos, David’s band was the only one I saw behind the hill. Pond is dry. They were grazing their way away from the area of the yucky water puddle … Wind was standing alone under some trees when I first spotted David … then Shadow, grazing some distance away from him. Pretty independent little guy!

Lots blooming right now, and I was kicking myself for not taking my macro lens. I did take some pix, though, and I’ll post them as I get through them – including one interesting little pink, many-petaled flower I haven’t been able to identify. Maybe one of ya’ll can help?



4 responses

5 06 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

They are a beautiful, sweet family! Love them! I’m so glad Wind is a healthy foal :]

5 06 2010
Victory Cowgirl

As soon as I read Shadow’s name, I smiled and thought, “Rochlia will be happy to hear of her girl!” 😉

5 06 2010

Oh, yes. 🙂 As soon as I SAW David and Shadow and Wind, I knew Rochlia would be happy! They’re all very healthy and in great condition!

7 06 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

Ya’ll read my mind :]

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