Meet Rio

28 05 2010

In honor of water and how precious it is – and what a disappearing resource it is every year – I named the newest addition to our herd Rio.

He’s Two Boots’ colt and Cuatro’s brother, and his sire is either Grey/Traveler or Twister … He’s sort of smoky black like Whisper was, and I’m sure he’ll go grey, too. He has just a wisp of a star and a clean little right hind fetlock.

Tall, dark and handsome!

Big brother Cuatro checks out the baby.

Do you remember that Cuatro was sort of an indeterminate brown when he was born? This little fellow is much darker, but Two Boots herself was coal black when she was born!

The Pryors have lupine … we have prince’s plume.

Some favorites to tease you with until I can go through more photos. This is our good news to counter the bad …



4 responses

28 05 2010

I love seeing all your new posts TJ. So much going on in the Basin!Thanks for sharing your observations and wonderful photos with all of us.

28 05 2010

What a cutie he is and I love the name. It is very fitting. He looks so fit and healthy too! Welcome to the world little Rio.

31 05 2010
Victory Cowgirl

Handsome, cute, adorable!

1 06 2010

Pam – Lots going on, indeed. Those ponies are hopping!

Billie – He doesn’t look much like Diamond Rio, but I have to admit I thought about him when I was coming up with this for a name for our little guy!

VC – Yep – all of the above!

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