Happy birthday, Liberty!

25 05 2010

Our little Liberty-girl has known tragedy in her short life, but like most wild horses, she has adapted and persevered.

She was a tiny little thing from the beginning – Molly leading Liberty and Ze, Roja’s colt.

As an aside, I recently saw a picture in a local artisans gallery that showed both Molly and Roja with a sorrel stallion and three other horses – obviously before the roundup. I’ve wondered whether Molly is Roja’s dam … at least now I know they were together before the 2007 roundup.

She grew fairly well, though, eh? This was in August.

… and by November, she had lost her mama (that’s Gaia (2 now) in the picture above, who seemed to take on a bit of a mothering role to the girl) …

… and been adopted by Bounce and his family.

Just as orphan Twister found a home with Houdini and Two Boots and first Seven, then Grey/Traveler, so Liberty has found a family with Bounce and his youngsters (only Whisper is biologically his).

Whisper doesn’t feel sorry for her in the least. 🙂 (And maybe he has a little crush on her.) Whisper was born a couple of weeks before Liberty, but notice how much bigger he is. He’s his mama’s second foal … Liberty was Molly’s who-knows-how-many”th” foal …

Liberty and Whisper

Alegre makes no bones about favoring her own babies over Liberty, but I think she’s growing on her.

Happy birthday, tough, beautiful girl! Your mama would be proud of you!



4 responses

25 05 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

I love the close up of her head, she IS beautiful! I bet you heard what happened to the Calico horses this week, isn’t it terrible- they’re going to leave those lovely horses to rot in those pens!

25 05 2010
Lynn Bauer

Liberty is loved and will always be loved no matter what…

26 05 2010

Rochlia – Did not hear about the Calico horses …?

L&K – So true!

26 05 2010
Rochlia [Tracy]

TJ- go to girls horse club and look under the GHC News Nibbles- it’s all very sad :[ so many wild horses have died.

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