Hannah at rest

27 03 2010

When I started my visit with Steeldust’s band this week, the young stallions were on active alert. Butch was guarding Luna, Steeldust was the eye of the storm with Alpha and Storm, Sundance didn’t really know what to do, Mouse was snaking Kestrel and Mahogany all around, Ember and Pinon were hanging back with Hook, on the outskirts, Aspen was trying to exploit a hole, any hole, especially those created by Sundance, and Comanche was circling the group trying to keep him away.

But pretty quickly – to me – they settled down and went to sleep! Eyes closed, lips droopy. Butch and Alpha overtly watched me; the others seemed to ignore me as I sat down and fell into the lull of their lowering energy. At one point, about half of them – all the youngsters and Sundance and Hook at least (that I could see from where I was) – laid down!

Little Hannah was one of the first.

Going down … front-end first. Butch at left, Mouse at right.

Just a little doll!

Mama Luna at left, Butch center.

Head … so … heavy … šŸ™‚

Sweet dreams, wild little filly love …



8 responses

27 03 2010
Marilyn Wargo

Luna looks about to foal. mar

27 03 2010

She should. šŸ™‚ She’s just a couple of weeks away from her due date!

27 03 2010

Thanks again TJ for coming to Girls Horse Club! And thanks for answering all of our questions, it was great!

27 03 2010

Hey, Toppyrocks! I had so much fun answering all your questions at Girls Horse Club! It was great to “meet” you all!

27 03 2010

That Hannah sure is a beauty! I love reading your blog and looking at your photos. I really have to get out there and meet everyone!! Keep up the good work.

28 03 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Beautiful, breathtaking horses. It warms my heart always to see their droopy eyes and their relaxed muscles as they slowly drift away into the peaceful blackness of sleep….

28 03 2010

Billie – Yes, you definitely have to come down! I would love to give you the grand tour and introduce you to all my beauties! Looking for an update about your horses on *your* blog …!

VC – Me, too. šŸ™‚

28 03 2010

So sweet. Seeing your photos and reading about the horses makes my soul shine. Thank you TJ!

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