A Raven and her shining Corona

22 03 2010

Another little teaser photo … Life is hectic, and I am finding it impossible to find the time to go through my photos from last week, let alone tweak them into an adventure story of what the ponies are up to. (I have not even been able to sit down and look at the pictures yet!)

But here’s another one, of lovely Miss Raven and her darling girl, Corona, from early in my visit. They’re still part of Kreacher’s band with Mona and Kootenai.



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22 03 2010
Lynn Bauer

This is REALLY a beautiful, heart-warming shot of Mom and Daughter! Corona sure does look a lot like her namesake, doesn’t she? We were wondering if Raven’s coloring might show up in her, but doesn’t look like it will, does it? They’re stunning, both of them!! Thanks for the “teaser!!”

22 03 2010

They sure are a pretty pair!

23 03 2010

As Corona grows up and her color starts to really show itself – and that wavy mane! – she definitely looks like her daddy! She has grown a lot over the winter and is tall and lanky. She ought to really fill out this summer. Light and dark, shadow and pale. Pretty girls, indeed!

23 03 2010
Victory Cowgirl (Jumper)

Oh, Corona’s gorgeous! I love her color, and how when she’s standing/walking next to her momma they contrast so well! It’s a beautiful photo, and they are both darling girls! I would love to one day see them all up close… but not any time soon, I’m afraid!


23 03 2010
Nancy Roberts

What a gorgeous little horse! So cool she has Sand Wash blood in her! All of your photos are wonderful…keep em coming! I know how much time this all takes, you are an inspiration! I have not seen the Sand Wash Corona for a long time, hope to soon…

24 03 2010

Nancy, she’s ALL Sand Wash! Hopefully that proves to be a big factor of protection for her. Hope you see Corona there soon! Hope for a good update about his little mister – I think you call him Whisper, the perlino colt that has the hock injury.

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