Mustangs on the international stage

25 02 2010

I don’t know how to read this, and I’m not even sure what language it is (I have a couple of guesses), but I followed a link off my stats page this morning back to this Web page or forum that links to my blog and Pam Nickoles’ blog!

There are a couple of videos also – not mustangs – that are worth watching for anyone who enjoys seeing well-trained and gorgeous horses.

If the person who linked to our blogs happens to read this and would respond, I’m sure Pam and I would love to know how you found our blogs, what country you’re from and what you think about our American mustangs!



3 responses

25 02 2010

It’s Polish. You can translate it with the Yahoo translator.

25 02 2010

Thanks, Billie!

I also got this from Pam: “This is how I figured it out:|en| (hit detect language or choose Polish and you can copy and paste the whole post).”

For the record, Polish was my first guess!

1 03 2010
Karen Keene Day

Hi TJ,
Luna and Alph look like snow queens grazing.Mouse and Chrome ‘s picture is telling.
I’m still in Chicago babysitting our granddaughter Katie. She would make a great horsewoman….no fear and a mind of her own!
As always, thank you for the wonderful stories and beautiful photos.

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