26 10 2009

He’s OK. πŸ™‚

I know people are worried about him, so although I don’t have any photos, I did see him yesterday, way up high above and north of Spring Creek canyon. I don’t think he’s 100% yet, but given where he was and where the water is, he’s at least mobile. He was looking down on Steeldust’s band and grazing.

Some other updates: It really is too bad the BLM never got around to digging out the ponds because as soon as the Flat Top pond was holding some water, some bands started using it again (been dry a year and a half at least?!). Cinch and Bruiser have been hanging out in that general area consistently for about a week. Grey/Traveler’s band, Chrome’s little band (Iya decided to stay with her mama), and Seven’s and Steeldust’s bands also have been using the pond as their hub. Unfortunately, it’s very shallow and drying rapidly from the edges.

Seven has a story to tell … about how he ended up without Molly. Never fear – she’s OK and with Bounce’s family – and Liberty, too. She looks pretty rough, the tough ol’ gal, but she is raising a spunky baby girl, and she’s hanging in there. My interpretation is that she decided she was done walking all over kingdom basin and just stopped – back by the roller-coaster ridge pond. When I finally saw her (see how I spare ya’ll the panic?), I think it was on the tail end of her intro to Bounce and his kidlets … From a distance, I thought she was Poco or Roach (who remain the elusive-ites), but I couldn’t figure out why Gaia and Whisper were trotting TOWARD them if it was Daddy and another stallion. But it was Molly and Liberty, and I was relieved beyond belief. Guess I’m not quite ready to let go of the old girl. Big-girl Gaia was very interested in baby Liberty, who would pin her ears even as she trotted to the safety of mama’s side. Year-mate Whisper tried to show some interest, and Liberty showed him her butt! Well, she did grow up with a big brother (Ze), after all!

Bounce and his family members and everyone else looks fabulous. Winter coats are in, and the ponies are fuzzy and furry and ready for the arctic wind that’s forecast to coming barreling down on us tomorrow. Little Hayden is sooo little, but he’s tough. Wrap your prayers around the little mister.

There’s evidence of recent campers in different parts of the basin, but I’m amazed and thrilled to report that of all the trash I’ve carried out on my last couple of visits, it’s all old! (Except for pieces ofΒ  a broken tail light.) People are cleaning up after themselves and (mostly) respecting the new sign to stay on designated routes.

Speaking of campers, there’s a great, big, new addition to the corrals off the Disappointment Road. Don’t know what that’s all about. I wish we could have gotten the ponds dug out as easy as that fencing seemed to go up. There’s still plenty of room to ride in through the wire gate, and you 4CBCH folks will be able to get in next spring, though it takes up a good chunk of your traditional parking/camping area. Wish I knew how the BLM chose its projects … (although it wasn’t BLM people building it)

I do have photos from previous visits that I’ll be working on to get posted, but those couple of updates were important to get out, I thought. πŸ™‚



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26 10 2009
Lynn Bauer

Thanks, TJ for the news on Duke! We were really, really worried about him when we saw him Oct. 8th at the base of Filly Peak, obviously hurt. Sounds like he just went back to a familiar area to heal up. Glad to hear Molly is hangin’ in there for Liberty’s sake.. she’s a tough one! We saw how small Hayden is, but he’ll be OK – Jif’s a good mama, very attentive with little one and she looked well-fed and strong when we were there. So sorry to hear about the ponds – it seems like it was better to have the bands all spread out using several sources of water.. Anyway, thanks, as always, for keeping an eye on everyone! Looking forward to new photos and more “family” stories!
L and K

27 10 2009
Nicole Vinson

What a sigh of relief!!! I was going to be very upset if we lost that amazing boy. I hope that he can get a family again soon. It is also good that Molly is still hanging in there and now Liberty is big enough to do it alone if the unfoutunate happens. I weaned my fillies this weekend there are both sixth months old and that was interesting as always. This weekend it will be the calves turn. I hope that Hayden can grow extra amounts of hair and that Jif can continue being healthy to keep him growing. Thanks for the updates and i cant wait to see pics;)

27 10 2009

I know they’re tough as nails, these wild ones, but I can’t help but worry over them. πŸ™‚
Winter is – literally – on its way!

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