Two new bundles

30 04 2009

Thanks to visitors Lynn and Kathy of New Mexico, who picked the best possible timing for their vacation, we have reports of foals!

Raven appeared not only with a new baby but with Duke on Monday! The ol’ man obligingly goes wherever they go. I’m so happy to see him with a new family, and I hope he keeps them. His independent wandering paid off this spring!

In honor of the foal’s likely sire, a beautiful sooty palomino stallion from the Sand Wash Basin herd (Raven was introduced with Mona and Kootenai in October 2008 from Sand Wash Basin), the foal’s name is Corona (thanks, Amanda!). I was able to zip out there after work Tuesday and catch a quick look at baby, who is pretty big. I’m not quite sure about age, given that I haven’t seen Raven for so long, and the baby is pretty large but still new enough I think it was a couple of days old, at least, on Tuesday. Possibly a filly. Color?

Corona and Raven

Corona and Raven

Any suggestions? I’ve had my Sponenberg Equine Color Genetics book out … A black/palomino cross can produce – commonly – buckskin, bay, palomino or chestnut; occasionally – smoky black; and rarely – zebra dun, red dun, grullo, red silver, yellow silver, chocolate silver and pale silver. I like the idea of calling her some kinda “silver,” but I’ve never heard that before! We’ll just have to follow her and see how she changes! (Oh, the challenges!) If anyone wants to weigh in on a color suggestion, please leave a comment and let me know.

Last night, the report from Lynn and Kathy was that Piedra had a foal yesterday! She didn’t have the foal Tuesday evening, so she must have foaled overnight or early Wednesday morning. I asked Lynn and Kathy to name the baby. They named Raven (I solicited suggestions from blog readers several months ago), and they would have named her foal except she had a name-in-waiting! 

Houdini and Alegre are both past due – Alegre is a week past – so the next post should be all about babies!

And I want to slip in a note about how amazed I am by Lynn and Kathy’s reports. They tell me who they saw by name and by location … If you’ve been reading, you know they created a map of the basin and the horses’ movements based on my blog reports. And they know their horses! SO cool!



3 responses

2 05 2009
Lynn Bauer

If anyone out there ever had a dream of being with wild horses without intruding, without harming or frightening them, TJ Holmes is the one to guide you. We had the experience of a lifetime being out there – no other humans, just the wild ones! We were gifted with newborns who had the protection of very wise mothers and vigilant fathers! We pray daily that other folks will honor these beautiful families with respectful distance and quiet observation. The reward is beyond measure!

Thank-You, TJ for your devotion!
We will never forget our time in this magical place!!
Lynn and Kathy

3 05 2009

Thank the horses! They’re the magic of the place. I think once you see them and spend time with them and know them, you really will never forget them. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful trip! You’re wonderful advocates for the horses, and I’m so happy to have met you both (and M&M, too)!

1 01 2010
Nancy Roberts

Finally I found the picture of little Corona. In the meantime I have read the majority of your blog and love it! You have made quite the story out of your and the horses adventures! Love it. So informative! I just love to read about the lives of wild horses. The Spring creek gang are gorgeous, each and every horse!

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