Happy birthday, Iya!

27 04 2009


Busy-ness almost made me late wishing Super Girl happy birthday. Iya was one of the biggest foals I’ve ever seen, and I’ve affectionately called her “monster” ever since. Her sire, and Two Boots’, is a grey stallion I called Junior who was removed after the 2007 roundup.

Big baby

Big baby

As you’ll see in her baby pic, Iya was born sorrel with curled little ears. Now her color is much different! Iya was named by David Glynn, a frequent visitor to the basin who saw her the day she was born, and her name means “a fabulous creature” in Lakota.

Baby Iya and mama Houdini

Baby Iya and mama Houdini

This was taken just two days after she was born. Look how huge she was!

Iya, Houdini and Two Boots

Iya, Houdini and Two Boots

I’ll sneak in a pic of Two Boots, Iya’s big sister. I happen to have a guesstimated birthday of around April 21 for her because I saw her with Houdini and her band shortly after she was born in 2007 – jet black! Houdini got her name because although Junior’s band was gathered, Houdini managed to escape.

Happy birthdays, monster girl and pretty girl!



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