Mustangs need help – and burros, too

21 04 2009

Click that link and scroll down to the links under “What’s New” and “Latest News” to read about horses at the Nebraska ranch that need donations of money and/or hay. Details are listed at the end of the press release. It is important to NOT send anything directly to the ranch. Go through Front Range Equine Rescue as detailed in the press release.

Also follow this link – – to a short brief in the local newspaper.

Continuing with the “if you can help” theme, visit this blog – – for information about some burros that need homes. Fresh Start Horse Rescue is a small farm here in Southwest Colorado, but the folks who run it have huge hearts.



One response

25 04 2009

Thank you for posting that. I hope that if you are in the basin today (Sat 25), the weather isn’t doing there what it is doing here. The sky is the mud and the mud is the sky, but I’m thinking of you out there with your beautiful friends.

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